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Femap introductory video series

Learn the basics of Femap with 6 videos that take you through the steps of creating and setting up a finite element model, analyzing it and reviewing the results.

Femap Basics 1 – User Interface Overview

This video gives you a tour into the Femap user interface and its main components: the command interface, with various methods of inputting demands, the graphic windows and the tab and dockable panes.

Femap Basics 2 – Geometry Import and Preparation

Using the example of a machine arm component, this video focus on how to import CAD generated geometry and how to clean the geometry with various clean-up commands so that it’s ready for further preprocessing.

Femap Basics 3 – Preprocessing Properties and Boundary Conditions

In this video the steps of setting up a model, defining the material properties, load and boundary conditions will be shown.

Femap Basics 4 – Meshing and Analysis Setup

This video will continue the simulation process and mesh the geometry to create a finite element model. Then we’ll set up the analysis parameters using the Femap Analysis set manager. Now the model can be submitted to the NX Nastran solver

Femap Basics 5 – Postprocessing and Results Review

In this video we move on to show you how to review the results calculated by NX Nastran and how to post-process the data in Femap with the post-processing toolbox.

Femap Basics 6 – Customization with Program Files and the API

In this video we go through an introduction of Femap’s ability to capture repetitive and more complex workflows through program files and API scripts. See how easy it is to customize Femap and streamline it to your simulation processes.

This video series is brought to you by the Siemens Simcenter Community. We hope this series is useful for new Femap users to get a quick understanding of the software and it’s capabilities. At Femto Engineering we’re not only a reseller, we’ll also help you master Femap further with training, support and tutorials. 

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August 10, 2017
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