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Femap Training Overview

From beginner to advanced users we offer standard and customized courses for your Femap, NX Nastran and SDC Verifier training needs.

Introduction to Femap with NX Nastran

In this training we’ll cover all the steps of creating and setting up a finite element model, analyzing it and reviewing the results.

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Femap Update Training

We keep you up to date with the latest technical developments of Femap and all new functionalities of the last release in one morning or afternoon.

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Basic Nonlinear Analysis Training

Learn to recognize nonlinear problems and how to adjust your calculations in NX Nastran accordingly.

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Advanced Nonlinear Analysis Training

In this training you learn all the capabilities of NX Nastran’s advanced nonlinear solver.

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Dynamic Analysis Training

After the training you’ll be capable of performing dynamic analysis with NX Nastran.

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Thermal Analysis Training

This training is intended for Femap/NX Nastran users who want to analyze thermal models.

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 Workshop: Contact Analysis

After the workshop you will be able to solve difficult contact problems with NX Nastran advanced contact capabilities.

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Workshop: Material Nonlinearity

Learn to spot and act on material nonlinear material behavior in NX Nastran. Specifically relevant to those working with plastics.

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Workshop: Convergence Solutions

In this workshop you learn to select the right solver settings in case your analysis won’t converge.

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Femap API Programming Training

This training is intended for Femap/NX Nastran users who want to customize the software and extend its capabilities.

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SDC Verifier Training

Learn how to use SDC Verifier to verify structures with self-defined or required safety standards.

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Custom Femap/NX Nastran Training

We tailor the training to your team’s skill needs or specific project goals.

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January 17, 2018
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