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Teaming up with Femto Engineering means you can count on engineers that think along, involve your employees and give solid and practical design assessments to assure the best consultancy at Femto Engineering

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What we do

If you need a reliable validation of a design or want to know why your product fails: our engineering consultancy will provide you with reliable insights. We make the impact of the results clear to you. Early in the design cycle you are able to impact cost and functional abilities the most. At this point our services like advice on material selection and weight reduction can make a real difference.

Consultancy services


To analyze products we use the Finite Elements Method. This method allows us to virtually prototype your product, which significantly reduces development costs by minimizing the number of physical tests.

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If gases or liquids affect the products or constructions to be charged, we apply numerical flow theory (CFD) methods. CFD analyses provide insight into the performance of your designs and minimize testing.

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Systems (1D) simulation

1D Simulation is the key to understanding your systems. Femto Engineers use Simcenter Amesim to analyze complex systems. These simulations provide information for new, innovative designs.

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Engineers at Femto Engineering use all kinds of tools to help you optimize your design. We offer consultancy in optimizing the size, shape and topology of your design.

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We want to help you as a partner, not just for our customer, but as well for the notified bodies. We want to make sure that all parties involved have a clear understanding of the product and what needs to be certified and in what way. This to make sure all safety standards are met and there is a feasible design.

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At Femto Engineering we help companies achieve their innovation ambitions with engineering consultancy, software, and R&D.
We are Siemens DISW Expert Partner for Simcenter Femap, Simcenter 3D, Simcenter Amesim, Simcenter STAR-CCM+ and SDC verifier. Get in touch and let us make CAE work for you.

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