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We help you understand your product or process by gaining valuable insights with finite element analyses.

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Finite Element Analyses (FEA) are the numerical modelling of mechanical behaviour using computational and analytical techniques. The insights gained by FEA simulations result into a positive impact on your product development goals. Our team combines the best tools with extensive FEA knowledge. For this, we focus on asking the right questions and providing clear FEA insights for your design project.

Our approach

Since 1997 we have developed trusted partnerships to become one of the leading CAE knowledge providers in the BeNeLux. In close collaboration with our clients, we work out a systematic approach to obtain the valuable insights by FEA simulations. Our ISO 9001:2015 certification guarantees a time efficient planning with clear communication to successfully provide you the required deliverables.


You want to know opportunities for optimization, we help you do that by assessing how your design will perform under realistic conditions. Our services span from modelling all the way to validation. We combine your specifications, our models, analysis results and recommendations in one accessible digital report. We can also help you set up or improve your internal FEA process.


Our FEA team has a track record in several branches of mechanical analyses, across a variety of regimes in multiple industries: Linear static, dynamics, nonlinear, (topology) optimalisation to name a few. Take a look at some of our work here:

Project Vattenfall
Development The Ocean Cleanup
M Frigate radar mast design
Hyva Optimization

Structural (static)

Structural analysis is the aspect of engineering performing evaluations of a structures’ strength and stability. It is a systematic process that involves the uses of mathematical and computational models to determine how a structure behaves under various loads and conditions. Static analyses are a type of structural analyses that focuses on the equilibrium of structures under static loads, such as gravity. These analyses are often used to determine if the structure complies with the relevant norms.

Thermal (mechanical)

A thermal analysis enables you to investigate the temperature distribution of a structure with heat and temperature loads. By combining this with a structural analysis, the loads caused by temperature-dependent variations in the materials can be determined. These analyses can be used to assess the suitability of a structure given thermal loads.


(Material) Nonlinear behaviour

A nonlinear analysis is an analysis where a nonlinear relation holds between applied forces and displacements. Nonlinear effects can originate from geometrical nonlinearity’s (i.e. large deformations), material nonlinearity’s (i.e. elasto-plastic material), and contact. These effects result in a stiffness matrix which is not constant during the load application. This is opposed to the linear static analysis, where the stiffness matrix remained constant.


A fatigue analysis is performed to calculate whether a structure will fail due to repeated loading and unloading, rather than due to a static structural load case. These fatigue loads are much lower than the allowable structural loads. The fatigue failure is due to initiation and propagation of cracks somewhere in the component.


Dynamic analysis differs from static analysis that both time and mass momentum plays a role in the response to loads. These types of analyses can be separated into implicit and explicit analyses. Implicit dynamic analysis analyses are subdivided into modal- and harmonic responses, and rotor dynamics .

Examples of explicit dynamic analyses are crash tests, drop tests and post-buckling behaviour.


Frequency response

Structures loaded with an oscillating load will vibrate. The frequency of the load has an influence on the magnitude of the excitations. To determine this response to a range of frequencies, a frequency response analysis can be performed. This type of analysis can be used for constantly oscillating loads or in a fixed vibration spectrum.

(Topology) optimization

Optimization methods in finite elements are either based on optimising grid locations (shape optimization), geometric properties (sizing optimization) or material properties (material optimization). Topology optimization is a powerful form of shape optimization, capable of generating high-performing optimized structural geometries without requiring the user to provide an initial concept.

Multi body dynamics

Multi-Body Dynamics (MBD) is the theory that describes how forces acting on a set of related bodies will cause them to move. The velocity of the bodies and the numerous interaction forces acting on and between the bodies are the outcomes of a multi-body dynamics simulation.

In addition to classic Multi-body dynamics, which utilizes rigid body motions, current state-of-the-art simulations use flexible bodies, with their behaviour based on modal analyses. This addition allows for more accurate predictions of dynamic behaviour

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Our primary FEA software, Siemens Simcenter portfolio, is also available for customers with in-house FEA engineers. As users, we provide the support we like to have ourselves. We also have successful experience by coupling FEA models with CFD and system simulation models. This multiphysics approach is one of our companies core strenghts.

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Featured project

For Vattenfall’s offshore wind farm Hollandse Kust Zuid, Femto performed the structural analyses of monopile covers developed by polyester manufacturer Theuws and offshore engineering specialist Enersea. Monopiles are the foundation of the wind turbines that rises several meters above sea level. During the construction of the wind farm the covers will be used to protect the platform and constructor workers inside the monopile before the turbine tower is placed.

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