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What we do in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

CFD modelling, simulation, analysis and validation.

Streamlining your CFD process

More computer power and better algorithms have made CFD an accessible tool to develop new technologies and save on costly prototyping and testing. However, interpreting and understanding the CFD simulation results will always requires an engineer with fluid flow modelling knowledge. Our team combines the best tools with this knowledge. Having a positive impact on your product development goals is at the forefront of our teams’ mind. For this, we focus on asking the right questions and providing clear CFD insights for your design project.

Our approach

Since our conception over 20 years ago, we have developed trusted partnerships to become one of the leading CAE providers in the Netherlands. We are recognised for tailoring our expertise around tough challenges. In engineering details matters, our ISO 9001:2015 certification guarantees systematic processes guide our planning, decisions and communication with you.


You want to know opportunities for optimization, we help you do that by assessing how your design will perform under realistic conditions. Our services span from modelling all the way to validation. We combine your specifications, our models, analysis results and recommendations in one accessible digital report. We can also help you set up a CFD process.


Our CFD team has a track record in several branches of fluid dynamics, across a variety of regimes in multiple industries: Aerodynamics, Combustion, HVAC, Hydrodynamics and Turbomachinery to name a few. Take a look at some of our work here:

Underwater Yacht Exhaust
Dambreak Benchmark Study
Wave impacts on rigid walls 
Thermal analysis PCB 

Multiphase flows

Flow phenomenon can have multiple phases. An often-seen problem is the free surface flows. An example is ship hull resistance, as found in Marine industry applications. See your yacht sail the digital ocean, faster than ever before.

Fire & smoke simulation

Fires happen, and architects and builders need to be prepared for it. It is possible to simulate fire in buildings including smoke and visibility predictions. This is important for building certification purposes and can be done more precise and cheaper than physical testing.

Mixing Flows

The process of mixing is often used in the process and food industry. Scaling up to production level is non-linear, the bigger size introduces all sorts of additional issues and bottlenecks. To go from small scale to full scale often requires expensive testing. You can use CFD to reduce this expensive testing phases during your scale-up to full production.

Heat Transfer

Transfer of thermal energy from fluids to solids and vice versa impacts the performance of machines. Without proper cooling, equipment and offices can overheat, reducing life expectancy and comfort. By using CFD analyses for cooling design simulation (data centres, HVAC) can improve understanding, improve comfort and yield cost reductions.

Flow Induced Motion

Motions induced by flows can often result in undesired effects of the objects of interest. Just a short selection: cables that whistle and vibrate, wings that flex, chains that get strained and break. CFD simulation can be used to predict those motions, leading to better designs that last longer.

External Flows

Flows around unconfined objects can cause interesting phenomena downstream. By improving the understanding of how wakes interact with their surroundings, these effects can be studied and controlled.

Time to improve your design with CFD

Our primary CFD software, Simcenter STAR-CCM+, is also available for customers with in-house CFD engineers. As users, we provide the support we like to have ourselves. We also have successful experience by coupling Computational Fluid Dynamics models with structural dynamics and thermal models. This multiphysics approach is one of our companies core strenghts. Thank you for taking the time to browse our site. Complete this form to let us know how we can be of service.

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Featured Project

STAR-CCM+ Benchmark: Dambreak

To gain confidence in your model and methods benchmarks play an important role. The dambreak experiment, as performed by MARIN, is used as a testcase to verify the behavior of water in a STAR-CCM+ CFD simulation. It can be concluded that a good comparison is present between the results of the experiment and the results of the STAR-CCM+ simulation.

Read full CFD casestudy 

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