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Femto Engineering is Expert Partner of Siemens Digital Industries Software. We're expert users, here to help you to get the most out of the software.

Why simulation software?

Simulation software identifies problem areas before building prototypes, lowers development costs, improves repeatability and drives optimization and innovation. Your software investment only has value when users are engaged and fully embrace the tools they use. For this reason, we think choosing the right partner is as important as choosing the right software here at Femto Engineering.

Simcenter Femap

A mature and robust pre- and post-processor for advanced finite element analysis. Femap is open to all solvers and combines exceptional ease of use with an attractive cost structure.

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Simcenter 3D

A modern simulation environment which enables engineers to generate and solve virtual 3D models. Simcenter 3D combines all CAE solutions in one integrated platform.

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Simcenter STAR-CCM+

This industry standard all-in-one solution encompasses nearly every aspect of Multiphysics modeling and simulation and is the principal CFD solution of Siemens Simcenter Portfolio.

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Simcenter Amesim

Simcenter Amesim is a fully integrated scalable simulation platform for modelling and analyzing various types of multi-domain systems.

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HEEDS is a powerful design space exploration and optimization software interfacing with CAD and CAE tools to drive product innovation.

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Fibersim is a specialized tool with forming, planar cross-section, and splicing capabilities, which places it at the forefront of the composite industry.

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NX CAD is a robust 3D solution that provides fast and realistic concept design and modeling. With strong computing power and flexibility, NX CAD is setting standards for speed, performance and ease of use.

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SDC Verifier

A software solution for the verification of structures in accordance with required safety standards. SDC Verifier automates routine work and significantly speeds up verification of engineering projects.

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Simcenter portfolio

The Simcenter portfolio consists of solutions that include 3D simulation, 1D simulation and solution testing. It consists of a number of well-known products such as NX Nastran, STAR-CCM+, Simcenter Amesim, HEEDS and Simcenter Test.Lab. In addition, Simcenter 3D, our next generation 3D CAE solution based on the NX platform, extends the heritage of NX CAE, LMS Virtual.Lab, NX Nastran and LMS Samtech.

Femto Engineering Simcenter

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We would gladly look together with you at which software suits the wishes and needs of you and your company. Through the form below you can contact us directly, we will get back to you as soon as possible for an appointment.

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We use Siemens Digital Industries Software for our engineering consultancy. Our consultants can advise you on the tools that will meet your specific needs. You can schedule a free consultation with us.

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We offer multiple ways to educate your team to harness the full capabilities of Siemens Digital Industries Software. From seminars and general courses to custom tailored classes, we always provide relevant content.

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Software support is included with all active maintenance contracts. Be it by phone, e-mail, MS Teams, remote access or on site, from the start our team of support engineers are here for you.

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