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The Industry Standard in Multiphysics CFD Simulation


In 2004 STAR-CCM+ was presented to the public as the first solution able to solve fluid flow and heat transfer problems simultaneously. With the software, flexible license options and Cloud, HPC-enabled uses were introduced, revolutionizing the simulation industry at that time. STAR-CCM+ now encompasses nearly every aspect of Multiphysics modeling and simulation and is the principal CFD solution of Siemens Simcenter portfolio.

How will STAR-CCM+ benefit me?


All aspects of STAR-CCM+, from its integrated interface, extensive capabilities to flexible license options have stellar reputations across industries for customer responsiveness. Its high accuracy and efficiency reduces the need for excessive prototyping. Is your company’s priority to push technological boundaries? Explore all your product performance options with STAR-CCM+.


With STAR-CCM+ you’ll be able to investigate physical phenomena in a coupled manner. This allows engineers to study fluid-structure and fluid-thermal-stress interactions in-depth. Furthermore, this all-in-one solution contains geometry, mesh, boundary conditions, physics models and simulation results in one environment. It’s easy to establish a bidirectional link with CAD and PLM software to automatically update simulation results when geometry changes.


Automation has become the competitive advantage in today’s manufacturing world. STAR-CCM+ automation features are state-of-the-art and enable you to create automated workflows.  With little or no manual effort you can reuse and update every simulation model and investigate a full range of operating scenarios.

Useful features

  • All-in-one solution
  • Multidisciplinary
  • Single integrated interface
  • Automated workflows
  • Flexible license options
  • CAD associativity
  • Surface wrapping & repair tools
  • Automatic mesh generation
  • Parallel scalability


  • CFD
  • Computational solid mechanics
  • Electromagnetics
  • Heat transfer
  • Multiphase flow
  • Particle dynamics
  • Electrochemistry
  • Aero-acoustics
  • Rheology
Star-CCM+ Plane

Why Femto Engineering

  • We’ve been a Siemens Digital Industries Software partner since 2006 and provide full-service sales and support to over 100 companies in the Benelux.
  • We use STAR-CCM+ for our own CFD consulting services. From simple to complex needs, our consultants will give advice on the right tools for you.
  • You can increase your proficiency through our tutorials and with the help of our dedicated STAR-CCM+ support engineers.

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