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Evaluating and optimising systems using System Simulations technology

What we do in System Simulations

Today’s products are becoming more and more complex. Often they are a mix of mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic components in addition to sensors and microprocessors with varying degrees of interactions. System simulation helps engineers to understand the interaction of the different components within the system. Simulations like these provide information for new innovative designs in a very broad range of industries e.g. aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, off-shore, construction, machinery and many others

Our approach

System simulations aim to increase system efficiency, by helping engineers understand the interaction of the different components within the system. The process of building a model for a system consists of a few steps:

  • Understanding the system by listing the components and how they interact.
  • Define the goal of the simulation to determine the physics to be included and the level of detail for components.
  • Input the correct simulation components and link them together.
  • Assign the correct physical models to the different components to capture their behaviour.
  • Enter the correct parameters for the physical models to present the actual system.
  • Run the simulation.

Each component is simulated separately with its parameters, starting condition and interactions with the system. Component’s performances can be monitored and impact of parameter change can be investigated.


Depending on the design phase you are in, you can use system simulations in serveral ways. Early in the design phase, system simulation helps with the sizing of components (e.g. power required, amount of heat to be dissipated). More and more details can be added components and subsystem during the design phase to to determine dynamic behaviour.

We help you get insights in the interactions of several components within your system and the overall performance.

We can give you a fully set model where you can change the parameters or we can give an analyses through a report using Simcenter Amesim.


Project Dragonfly
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System Simulations (1D) approach
Approach System Simulations (1D)
System Simulations (1D) wing

Aerospace & Marine

Aerospace and marine library offers the ability of simulating vehicle dynamics in fluids and other
systems with boundary conditions interfaced with the atmosphere. Examples of simulations include
evaluation of aircraft/marine missions, gas turbine performance, aircraft fuel systems or aircraft


Automotive libraries have the ability to model dynamics of wheeled vehicle, as well as various parts
of their drivetrain. Examples include sizing of fuel cells, optimizing fuel consumption or evaluating
vehicle dynamics.


Electronics can be modelled from basic electrical systems, specific aircraft or automotive electronics, to detailed battery and motor models. Simulation examples are studying the electrochemical processes inside batteries, ageing of batteries, heat production inside an electromotor or optimizing battery and motor performance of an electric vehicle.

Hydraulic & Pneumatic

Hydraulics and pneumatics libraries allow the simulation of various systems from a simple hydraulic jack, to a phase changing fluid inside an air-conditioning unit. Examples of simulations are the reduction of pressure drop through a solenoid valve, simulating hydraulic resistance through pipes or sizing of a fuel pump.


Mechanical libraries allow the modelling of kinetic and dynamic behaviour of multi-body systems. Examples are the evaluation of a shock damper, design of gearbox or testing the influence of friction of a moving assembly.


Thermal systems can be modelled for a variety of simulations. Examples are the sizing of an radiator or evaluation of heat generation inside a battery cell.

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