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Navigating Complexity, Optimizing Simplicity: Simcenter HEEDS Unleashes Design Potential

About Simcenter Heeds

Discover the frontier of design innovation with Simcenter HEEDS. The cutting-edge software equips engineers with the tools to effortlessly navigate complex design spaces, swiftly uncovering optimal solutions. Through advanced design exploration and optimization, Simcenter HEEDS accelerates the path to peak performance, propelling your projects towards unprecedented success.


Simcenter HEEDS is an engineering software for design exploration and optimization. It automates testing of design possibilities to find optimal solutions quickly, saving time and enhancing outcomes. Used in industries like aerospace and automotive, it maximizes performance and innovation.

Licensing options

Within Simcenter HEEDS there are several possibilities to get the license available:

  • Perpetual license (Purchase)
  • Subscription (Per 12 months)
  • Rental (Rental per month)

In addition to the basic platform, several additional modules are available which can be flexibly added in the same way. Here it is also possible to adjust the modules using tokens. Would you like to know more?

Case studies


Siemens HEEDS solutions enable FIME to surpass industry standard by three-fold for boiler modulation ratio

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Teignbrigde Propellers

Using CFD to enable better decisions early in the design process leads to lower lifecycle costs

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Trek Bicycle 

Design space exploration enables optimization of bicycle aerodynamics and ride quality

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  • computer-aided design
  • cloud computing resources
  • proprietary Design Space Exploration
  • Windows and Linux-based workstations
  • Hardware investments
  • Leverage all available computing resources
  • Reduce simulation turnaround with multiple levels
    of parallelization, such as workflow, tasks and


  • Support unlimited load cases
  • Orchestrate simulation tasks across platforms and
    operating systems
  • Leverage efficient licensing schemes, high-performance computers (HPCs) and cloud resources
  • Maximize your investment in virtual simulation with 24/7/365 run availability

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How will Simcenter Heeds benefit me?

Simcenter HEEDS accelerates product development by automating analyses, efficiently utilizing computational resources, and exploring design spaces for innovative solutions. Process automation is simplified with seamless integration of interfaces to CAD and CAE tools. Distributed execution optimizes hardware investments, whether on-site, abroad, or in the cloud. HEEDS democratizes optimization, adapting search strategies and enabling designers to efficiently discover solutions. Gain insights, visualize trade-offs, and drive innovation with HEEDS, propelling designs towards digital twin realization.

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