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Femap Tips & Tricks Videos

Femap engineers at Femto always look for ways to make the software more accessible for users. For this purpose they have selected three informative videos from the Simcenter community. Interested? Keep reading and start unlocking great Femap features and shortcuts!


1.     Apply Regional Loading

In Femap there are many ways of defining and setting up loads on geometry entities. In this video you’ll see how you can create temporary geometry entities and use them to apply regional loads to a portion of the model.

2.     Elements Sweeping

Femap has many different methods of creating elements and meshes, and in this video you can see how to sweep elements to form solid helical mesh by simply defining the number of turns, elements per turn and pitch distance.

3.     Creating Plate Element Properties from Geometry

When creating a mesh of 2D plate elements from geometry via mid-plane extraction, this Femap tip and trick video shows how to assign correct plate thickness properties based on the underlying geometry dimensions.

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June 6, 2017
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