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Femto teaming up with Solar Boat, Project March, AeroDelft and Hyperloop to ennable innovation

TU Delft Solar Boat team

The TU Delft Solar Boat Team is one of the Dream Teams at Delft University of Technology. Their team consists of 23 ambitious students from eleven different fields of study. In one year they go through the process of designing, producing and racing a boat that sails on green energy. The team is fully committed every year to show the applications of our advanced technologies at spectacular races.

For 15 years they have inspired the maritime industry with our flying solar boats. The 2021 team took the big step with the Hydro Motion project. They developed the first flying boat that runs on hydrogen! The 2022 Solar Boat Team will continue this project, this year they will design a boat optimized for hydrogen. With this boat they will then, as icing on the cake race it in the Monaco energy boat challenge; Open Sea Class.

Project MARCH

Project MARCH has the vision that using exoskeleton technology, we can improve the quality of life for people with paraplegia. An exoskeleton is a motorized robotic harness. The exoskeleton enables people with paraplegia to stand up and walk again. Project MARCH develops a new exoskeleton each year. With this, they want to stimulate the technological innovation of exoskeletons. Each year, they challenge students to think of new solutions. Finally, each year we try to raise awareness on this issue so that more and more people know about the existence and possibilities of the exoskeleton.


From September 2021, Delft Hyperloop VI is working towards an exciting challenge: winning the European Hyperloop Week (EHW). They will build upon five years of successful experience and multiple great performances in the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition & the European Hyperloop Week.

This year, one of their goals is to work on developing a levitating pod, which is a crucial step towards finalizing the Hyperloop concept. Furthermore, their focus will be on optimizing our magnetic propulsion. Last year, they were the only team who build a Linear Synchronous Motor. This experience will give them a strong base to build upon.


The first aircraft took to the skies just over 100 years ago. Now, over 23,000 aircraft carry more than 4 billion passengers around the world every year. But bringing the world closer together has come at a cost.

AeroDelft is a TU Delft student team with one mission: prove that emission-free aviation is possible by developing the world’s first liquid hydrogen-powered aircraft.

Teaming up with Femto Engineering

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November 17, 2021
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