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What’s New: Simcenter 3D 2312

Learn more about the newest features in the latest release of Simcenter 3D 2312

About Simcenter Mechanical 2312

What’s New in Simcenter 3D 2312 has been released, introducing several new features. Our engineers have compiled the following highlights for you:

  • Streamlining EV powertrain development
  • Integrating physical tests and simulation
  • Driving design with simulation
  • Simulating additive manufacturing
  • Speeding simulation performance

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Top New Features in Simcenter Mechanical 2312

  • Streamlining EV powertrain development
    • Simcenter Speed and Simcenter Motorsolve have merged into Simcenter E-machine Design
    • This combines the best of Simcenter Speed and Simcenter Motorsolve into a single more modern environment.
    • Simcenter E-machine design gives you the ability to model 5 electric motor types including the actual flux motors, which will allow the engineers to save significant time in the design process.
  • Integrating physical tests and simulation
    • Simcenter 3D Smart Virtual Sensing, takes the FE model of the component and boils it down to a reduced order model so that it can be run in real time along the physical test via functional mock-up unit or FMU.
    • Simcenter 3D Smart Virtual Sensing can also be used as input for durability analysis
  • Driving design with simulation
    • NX Performance Predictor & Zel X Simulation: Rapidly see how your designs perfor
    • Scalable simulation
    • For NX topology optimizer the ability to define a shape constraint for parts that will be manufactured using a CNC 3 axis machining has been added.
    • Simcenter 3D Design Space Explorer has been added and allows you to evaluate tradeoff scenarios or perform design optimization on specific criteria
  • Simulating additive manufacturing
    • Simcenter 3D additive manufacturing has the ability to simulate the complex additive manufacturing process, solves the coupled Thermo mechanical analysis to predict the residual stress in the part and determine how much the part will deform from the nominal shape you defined in CAD.
    • In this release the overall compensation method has been improved for advanced powder bed fusion solution to be more robust, faster and easier to use.
  • Speeding simulation performance
    • SOL 401 solution times 10%-50% faster

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March 19, 2024
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