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What’s New in Simcenter 3D 2406

Learn more about the newest features in the latest release of Simcenter 3D 2406

About Simcenter 3D 2406

What’s New in Simcenter 3D 2406  has been released, introducing several new features. Our engineers have compiled the highlights for you.

Simcenter 3D continues to innovate with new features and enhancements designed to help engineers optimize their designs and analyses. This update introduces advanced tools and improvements in the areas of virtual sensing, space systems, electromagnetics, motion, acoustics, and more. Below you will find an overview of the latest features and how they can enhance and accelerate your workflows.

If you’re curious about the new features this update brings, read on now!

Smart Virtual Sensing and Space Systems Thermal

  • : Simcenter 3D Smart Virtual Sensing: Optimal Sensor Placement
    –  Feature: Specify areas for sensor placement.
    –  Feature: Choose from various sensor types according to your test plan.
    –  Feature: Visualize the relationship between the number of sensors and load estimation uncertainty.
  •  Simcenter 3D Smart Virtual Sensing: Specialist Durability
    – Feature: Robust framework combining simulation and tests.
    – Feature: Provides operational loads practically and accurately.
  •  Simcenter 3D Space Systems Thermal: Orbital Fluxes Integration
    – Feature: Select different sources of heat flux to exchange with external solvers: All, Convective, Radiative, Thermal Loads, and Orbital heat flux sources.

Electromagnectis, Motion, Nastran

  • Simcenter 3D Electromagnetics: Multi-variable Parameterization
    – Feature: Use Simcenter 3D Design Space Exploration with Low-Frequency Electromagnetics.
    – Feature: Create and evaluate multiple configurations for geometry, mesh, and materials.
  • Simcenter 3D Motion: Gearbox Multi-Attribute Balancing
    – Feature: Preconfigured gear design optimization project.
    – Feature: Industry-specific post-processing capabilities for multi-attribute optimization.
  • Simcenter NASTRAN: Modal Frequency Response
    – Feature: Compute modal frequency response.
    – Feature: Include nonlinear effects during the loading phase.

Acoustics, Motion, Rotor Dynamics

  • Simcenter 3D Acoustics: Electromagnetic Force Mapping for NVH Analysis
    – Feature: Import multi-slice force information.
    – Feature: Distribute it to the full vibro-acoustic model.
  • Simcenter 3D Motion: Updated Gear and Bearing Modeling
    – Feature: Analytical–Empirical gear contact stiffness method.
    – Feature: Model needle-rolled bearings in Motion Transmission Builder.
  •  Simcenter 3D Rotor Dynamics: Unsymmetric Models and Multiple Harmonics
    – Feature: Apply loads with different frequencies and use multiple harmonics.
    – Feature: New mixed reference frame approach.

Engineering Desktop, Nastran

  • Simcenter 3D Engineering Desktop: Meshing Tools
    – Feature: 2D Touch Point Remesh Command for quick remeshing around a specified point.
    – Feature: Improved box imprinting for mapped hole mesh control.
  • Simcenter NASTRAN: Faster Solutions for Large Contact Models
    – Feature: Multistep Nonlinear SOL401 MUMPS update.
    – Feature: Solve up to 10% faster for large contact models.


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June 27, 2024
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