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Simcenter Amesim : What’s new?

Learn more about the newest features in the latest release of Simcenter Amesim

About Simcenter Amesim

Simcenter Amesim is a fully integrated scalable simulation platform for modelling and analyzing various types of multi-domain systems. Simcenter Amesim allows engineers to assess and optimize the performance of systems, improving productivity. Amesim has an extensive set of libraries which feature components for different physical domains such as electrical fluis and mechanical systems components.


Top 2022.1 features

  • Battery test protocol generator
  • Battery thermal runaway
  • Fuel cell
  • Inverter reduction model with DOE
  • Multi 3-phase PMSM
  • Torsional vibration analysis
  • HOT/IFP Drive
  • Vehicle loads definition
  • New UX and ribbons
  • Improved study manager

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April 29, 2022
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