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Meet our new work student!

We are delighted to welcome our new team member, Lieke Dol, as a working student. Get to know her better by reading this interview!

Name: Lieke Dol
First day at Femto: 01-06-23
Title: Work Student

Can you tell us about your studies and experience with engineering?

I am studying Aeronautical Engineering at Inholland University of Applied Sciences and I am currently in my third year. In about 1.5 years, if all goes well, I will graduate as an engineer in the aviation industry. It is a broad study program, and I am not limited to just aviation, which is what attracted me to this field. Within the program, we are involved in Design, Build, and Test projects, which quickly expand our technical knowledge in various areas.

What attracted you to this specific position and why did you apply?

I met Tom and Daan at a Career Connect Event organized by Inholland. The event was for students seeking jobs or internships. My program coordinator advised me to visit Femto for a conversation. He knew that Femto often hires working students and had worked there himself in the past. Following his advice, I headed in that direction, and it turned out to be the most enjoyable conversation of the day! I wasn’t specifically looking for a particular company, but rather a company where I could learn and also have a good connection. After sending an email, I was invited for an interview, and now here I am!

Can you tell us about your role and the project you are currently working on?

I was hired as a working student, which means I assist wherever needed. I had no prior experience with FEM before starting here. Initially, Bas helped me understand the basics of FEM through the De Voogt project. In recent weeks, I have been involved in Bas’s yacht projects. Currently, I am working on a project for CCM, which involves a monopile cover.

How do you prefer to work in a team? Can you give us an example of a situation where you collaborated effectively with others to complete a project?

Collaboration in a team works best when there is clear communication from all parties. Personally, I believe that is the most important aspect. In my studies, I have completed several projects where something went wrong each time. During such instances, it is crucial to handle setbacks well and approach them with a problem-solving mindset. From miscommunication with the client to incorrect parts or something breaking down, I have experienced working together with my team to achieve the best outcome.

What are your future plans after completing your studies? What specific direction do you want to pursue?

At the moment, I am still unsure about my future plans. I have been contemplating pursuing a master’s degree for quite some time. While I find the aviation sector interesting, I don’t see myself working in it for an extended period. Currently, I am occasionally exploring master’s programs that align with my interests. However, pursuing a master’s (including a pre-master’s) would mean an additional three years of studying. So, after graduating from my current program, I still have the freedom to explore different options!

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July 4, 2023
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