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Meet our new Interns

We welcome the interns to Femto, where curiosity meets innovation, and the journey as a valued intern begins!

We are pleased to introduce two new interns who joined us in the past few months. To get better acquainted with them, we asked if they’d be willing to share a brief story about themselves, their roles, how they came to be part of our team, and their future aspirations. If you’re curious to learn more, read on and get to know them better



Name: Maarten Korving
First day at Femto: 04-09-2023
Title: Intern

Maarten embarked on his journey with Femto on September 4, and we are thrilled to take this opportunity to provide you with a more in-depth introduction to this talented addition to our team.

Maarten’s journey to Femto

Hi my name is Maarten. During my study maritime engineering I always had an interest in the structural aspect, and I was keen to learn the possibilities of FEM. I came in contact with Femto some years ago when I was graduating from my bachelor’s degree at the Hogenschool Rotterdam. My topic was modelling welds in FEM and I needed some help with exploring Simcenter Femap. I was able to do a small internship of a couple of weeks and the result was great! Apart from the nice ambiance,  I was impressed by the variety of projects that were done by Femto. The company specializes in FEM and CFD calculations, but the applications are endless. I really see this as a positive thing because you get to dive into different technologies and work with a lot of people from different sectors.

After this I did my master’s degree at the TU Delft and had Femto on my wishlist of companies to graduate at. I’m now doing a research on improving the simulation of crack initiation and growth in FEM. My plans for the future are mostly focussed on graduating, so how the beginning of my career will look like is still a surprise. Luckily for me I have still some time to figure that out



Name: Djelian Ardin
First day at Femto: 28-08-2023
Title: Intern

Djelian, our most recent addition, officially became a member of the Femto team on September 1, taking on the role of an intern. We are eager to acquaint you with her background, interests, and the exciting journey that led her to our company. So, let’s delve into Djelian’s story and get to know her better!

Djelian’s journey to Femto

Allow me to introduce myself; my name is Djelian, and I am currently a third-year student at Hogeschool Inholland Delft. My journey with Femto began when I first encountered the company through my school. Later, I had the opportunity to meet their representatives at a school fair, where I gained a deeper understanding of their work, sparking my immediate interest.

Shortly after, I reached out to Femto via email and was graciously invited to their office for a meeting. It was during this meeting that I was presented with a remarkable opportunity – to undertake a Multi-body Dynamics project for Vekoma Rides Manufacturing using Simcenter 3D motion. This project involves the analysis of high loads in a specific part of roller coaster wheels, making it an exceptionally exciting endeavor.

What makes this project particularly intriguing is that it not only marks my first experience with Simcenter motion, but it also presents a significant learning curve. I had no prior experience with this specific software package, which adds to the challenge. Looking ahead, I aspire to delve deeper into the realm of Multi-body Dynamics and explore all the facets it encompasses. Perhaps this journey will lead me to pursue a master’s degree at the Technical University (TU), although the specific field of focus remains a question to be answered in the future.

November 2, 2023
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