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Meet our marketing work student

Meet our work-student in the marketing department, focusing on graphic design expertise

Name: Thijs Siemens
First day at Femto: 01-12-2019
Title: Work Student

Thijs has been quietly contributing to our team for four years. This month, he is finally stepping into the spotlight with his own webpage. If you would like to learn more about his background and his contributions to our company, we warmly invite you to read the full interview.


Can you tell us more about your background and studies in ruimtelijke ordening en planologie’? Has this background contributed to working within the marketing team?

Yes, I am currently studying at the Hogeschool Rotterdam. There I learn about the layout of public space in cities, taking into account the environment and local residents. This affects my job here at Femto Engineering in a very different way, because my view of design and styling has changed considerably. So logically, I deal a lot with the graphic aspects within Femto Engineering.

Your contribution to the marketing team is largely in the graphic domain, can you be more specific about the graphic tools and programs you have experience with? Do you have examples of previous projects where your graphic skills played an important role?

Within Femto Engineering, within the marketing team we are actively engaged in continuous innovation and bringing Femto’s activities to the outside world. We do this mainly by working with our engineers to create animations and visual material. In doing so, I make extensive use of design programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, with which I have been able to realize numerous projects for Femto. An example of one such project is our weekly CFD Tuesday post that we share on our social media

Marketing often requires creative solutions to capture the attention of target audiences. Can you give an example of a situation where you had to think out-of-the-box to solve a problem or realize a project?

Femto Engineering is a company that likes to present itself as an innovative organization, and this is also reflected in our visual identity. We attend numerous fairs and strive to attract eye-catching attention with our booth. A few years ago we completely revamped our corporate identity, which also meant updating our large backgrounds and prints. This was accompanied by the development of an entirely new booth design and an extensive discussion on the choice of system and design. After several weeks of discussion, we chose the right system and developed several designs. Now, several years later, we are once again innovating. Although it can sometimes be difficult to say goodbye to our old designs, we see it as a challenge to create even better designs. These will soon be on display at our next trade show

Combining your study with marketing may seem unusual at first glance. Do you see any overlapping aspects between these two fields?

They are definitely two different worlds, but there are definitely overlapping aspects. I immediately think of the importance of clear and logical presentation, such as avoiding using five different fonts in one image. The most important aspect in our work is that someone else should be able to immediately understand what is happening and what is meant. Especially in our field, in which Femto Engineering operates, it can be difficult for an outsider like myself to understand. Therefore, it is easy for me to judge whether something is understandable to someone who has little or no knowledge of this field.

Finally, what are your expectations and goals for the upcoming years?

Femto Engineering continues to develop and innovate the look and feel of the company. For our marketing team, this means we will be extremely busy in the coming period. We hope the results will soon be seen at fairs and on our social media.

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September 5, 2023
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