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#Simulationfriday top 5 (part 3)

This post theme is #simulationfriday posts from Femto Engineering. We made this video's either in Femap, Simcenter 3D or STAR-CCM+. Wait, this isn't a top 5 you'll think. no we've included many more video's - even better!

Dam Break Benchmark

We create videos just like this one to help you see our software in action!


CFD simulation of an underwater yacht exhaust

As a CFD engineer, if you didn’t make a cool simulation video, did you really quarantine?


Wave impact

More and more dams are realised with the incredible simulation insights from CFD and FSI analysis.


Trailer chassis

We were able to reduce this trailer chassis mass by 22%, whilst maintaining structural integrity. That’s the innovative power of simulation technology.


Topology optimization

You want a strong, but light product? Topoplogy optimization provides ways to accomplish this mission.



Examine your turbocharger with Simcenter 3D and find ways to improve your design.


Chair design

Almost like this chair better then the real thing!


Motor vibrations

In this video you can see the effect of motor vibrations on the structure of a yacht. This is done with Harmonic Response Analysis in Femap.


Pressure vessel

Clear example of why FEA is more efficient and in some cases also more effective then classic hand calculations.


Tank sloshing

Yes, you want to check this with simulation before your hit the road!


Valve simulation

Use simulation to develop bottles with better squeeze experience and results.

Water & Oil mixing

Simulation of water and oil mixing in Simcenter STAR-CCM+

Thank you for watching and we hope you enjoyed these videos! If you have any simulation videos and you would like us to put them in our next top 5, DM us on Twitter or LinkedIn with the videolink.

April 10, 2020
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