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#Simulationfriday top 5 (part 2)

Friday is #simulationfriday on twitter! In this series we gather 5 great simulation videos and share them with you. We know from experience a lot of work goes behind producing this content, so we love putting the producers in the spotlight. With simulation we can find the answer to many things!

Blast simulation

When you shelter for a nearby explosion, you want to be confident in its capability. CFD simulation can come in very handy when for example designing a blast shelter, and this video is a banger!


Dune erosion

When your country is below sea level like ours, dunes are indispensible! So we better keep an eye on them. For example with amazing SPH Simulations like this one:



Effective stress

Stress is all around us. So sometimes it is good to sit down and relax with a nice cold beer!


New York’s Vessel

Structures like the New York Vessel are so impressive! And so is this simulation video on how it stays standing in those strong winds, while carying thousands of people every day!



Airport wind patterns

When you are at an airport looking at the planes outside, you can only imagine the impact of the wind. Thanks to this great CFD simulation we do not have to imagine, we can see it for ourselves!


Thank you for watching and we hope you enjoyed these videos as much as we did! If you have any simulation videos and you would like us to put them in our next top 5, DM us on Twitter with the videolink.

March 19, 2020
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