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Femto marketing in numbers

There is a lot to say about the past 25 years of Femto Engineering, which from a technological view we have done in our series Facts & Figures . A less talked about subject in engineering is marketing. However, because it is a key part in business development, let’s now dive into that part of Femto Engineering too. First, we’ll look at some numbers.

What connects marketing and engineering?

Though it seems that marketeers and engineers live on different planets, there’s more of a cross-over than you might think. There are two subjects connecting these planets: creativity and innovation.

To compare the two fields, we looked at similarities in what they do. Marketeers work to optimize and drive business performance, whether it be through market research or brand management. Engineers work to optimize and drive development whether that be sustainable sea routing in marine , product optimization or certification through simulation. To us the marketing and engineering processes sounded strikingly familiar. We made a sketch to compare the two processes as seen below.

Figure 1: Similarities between marketing and engineering

As you can see, both planetary rings consist of similar steps. Starting with an idea, both in marketing and engineering the next step is to gain knowledge of the project through research. In simulation engineering, this is where through calculations and simulations, the project can be best prepared for testing and ensuring optimal end results.

Similarly in marketing, the idea gets developed into a creative concept, like a campaign, which can be tested and optimized, such as with AB-testing where certain concepts are tested to measure different reactions from a target audience.

After the execution of a project, reviewing it is just as important. Sharing gained insights with co-workers is both in the engineering field as in marketing enriches future performance. With working processes that are similar in many ways, why not share insights with co-workers across engineering and marketing as well?

Using marketing as a business tool

Femto as a company revolves around innovation. This includes innovating in marketing: it is through marketing that we can gain more insights and ultimately support our customers in the future.

Marketing is about standing out in the crowd. This is getting harder to do, because in simulation engineering that crowd is growing; according to this market analysis . On top of that, industries and products are evolving and getting increasingly complex. Time to market is shortening and the need for innovation has never been more relevant in times of energy prices soaring and need for sustainability. To stay on top of these market developments, marketing has evolved too. One of the fastest growing developments in marketing currently takes place in the scope of demand and operations, entailing field marketing, experimentation, and data analytics.

Roughly 70% of tech start-ups fail within their second year of existence because they didn’t stand out enough to get the customers they needed. CDInsights dove into the data on startup death in technology and determined a top 12 reasons of failure. One of the main reasons all start-ups had in common: a lack of customers. These are 770 companies who were unable to withstand a killer tech market in which large multinationals take over easily.

Although Femto Engineering is far from a start up company, we can learn a lot from research. Femto Engineering stays on top of market developments by living up to our innovative proposition, taking marketing seriously, and staying on top of everyone’s mind. Investing in marketing and R&D has allowed Femto Engineering to leverage knowledge to keep ahead in innovation for years. With a Team of three dedicated marketing professionals, we put this knowledge into the world through unique campaigns like our CFD Tuesday, Case studies and many other initiatives.

Future of Femto

As we said before, the future of simulation engineering is growing, and Femto Engineering is growing with it. To stand out in a growing industry where lots of information is available, expert marketing is what can help keep us reaching more people.

If you have any questions regarding our marketing, feel free to contact us below.

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October 26, 2022
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