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Case study: Stoomgroep Holland

Finite Element Analysis helps Stoomgroep Holland prove regulatory compliance for power boiler constructions.

The assignment

Steam locomotives, power boilers, what’s not to like! So when Stoomgroep Holland reached out to us for a thermal finite element analysis on their Crampton Model locomotive we got right on board!

Stoomgroep Holland is a member association for steam driven models and machines builders. They recently decided to perform their strength calculations according to the rules of ASME Section I: Rules for construction or power boilers. In some sectors – like the Maritime and Offshore – it’s common practice to use Finite Element Analysis to prove regulatory compliance with structural codes. Not so much for Stoomgroep Holland, so we gladly helped navigate this new terrain.

Onder Stoom

After our work was done, Stoomgroep Holland decided to share our results with their members in their magazine: Onder Stoom. Below you can download the first part of the series (in Dutch). In this part the conditions and results of the first thermal analysis are explained. The series will continue with the analysis of the deformations and stresses in the boiler. Stoomgroep Holland did an excellent job in making our work accessible and easy to understand and we’re grateful for the opportunity to demonstrate the use and impact of finite element analysis.

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January 8, 2020
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