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Injection Molding Simulation

We help you design plastic parts and molds right.

Mold and parts design


Injection molding is the most conventional method to converse plastics into a wide array of end products. While the method is cost-effective, producing the mold by itself certainly isn’t. So, what can we do to maximize your mold investment? Femto Engineering offers advice, knowledge and tools to systematically analyze and optimize structural engineering designs. Our experience makes us efficient.

As a designer there are a lot of parameters influencing your mold or parts design. Simulation helps predict the impact these parameters have on your design. Injection molding simulation saves you time and money, because it reduces the need for over-design and prototyping and increase mold and part quality and performance.


Our services

We understand what it takes to design molds and parts from the geometry and material properties point of view.  In all phases, from injection, cooling to ejection, we are able to predict, analyze and optimize the flow of plastic and assess structural integrity of parts and molds.

So, by partnering with us you can make efficient design choices throughout the injection molding process.


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Selection of what we do

  • Fill study
  • Deformation/ warpage optimization
  • Material analysis and advice
  • Impact of fiber orientation on mechanical performance
  • Runner/mold design optimization
  • Cooling design optimization

Our engineers at work

To get a good understanding of all the parameters influencing the injection molding simulation results we first set up a FE-model from your CAD files in a pre-processor. The next step is to export the geometry to specialized injection molding simulation software, we use industry renowned MoldeX3D for this. With Moldex3D we’re able to predict the flow of plastics and when fibers are added to the plastic also the fiber orientation state. Because Non-linear FE-analysis provides you with even more realistic results  we then transfer this information to the structural analysis.

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