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New Intern at Femto

Introducing our FEM Intern to the Team

Name: Jakob Timmer
First day at Femto: 05-02-2024
Title: Intern

Introducing Jakob, Our Newest Addition to the Engineering Team! Starting this March. Dive deeper into Jakob’s role and insights in our exclusive interview


Could you tell us about your academic background and the skills you’ve developed during your studies that are relevant to this internship?

I am currently studying Automotive at Hogeschool Rotterdam, there are also a few other colleagues in Delft that have completed the same study. There I developed skills for numerous simulation software like Autocad, Simcenter Femap and CFD. I learned a lot about constructions and materials while working with these software packages. But one thing they learn students at Automotive, which has helped me a lot, is solution-oriented thinking. This is really helpful when facing given problems.

What motivates you to intern at our company? Are there specific aspects of our organization or industry that appeal to you?

Mostly the usage of Simcenter Femap and the knowledge in structural engineering. While studying I found out that these two things really appeal to me and i’m eager to learn more about both. I also enjoy helping people, so the consultancy side of Femto is also something which attracted me.

What goals do you aim to achieve during this internship period?

As I mentioned before, i’m really interested in Simcenter Femap and structural engineering. I’m hoping to extend my knowledge on those two subjects. I’m working on project Fready for my internship and I hope to help Femto on the implementation of the Battelle Structural Stress Method at the end of my internship.

How do you believe your contribution as an intern can strengthen the team and the organization?

While at Femto I want to learn as much as possible. I don’t specifically know what I want to do after my studies, but so far I’m really enjoying my time at Femto. Maybe one day I can take on my own projects and consult other companies with my knowledge.

What specific skills or knowledge do you hope to acquire during this internship period?

I’m really interested in most of the work that is done here at Femto, I’m eager to learn more about Simcenter Femap, I have worked with the software before, for my study, but I want to learn all the ins and outs of the program. Luckily I have a lot of knowledge and experience around me to learn from!

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April 5, 2024
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