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How to make video animations in Femap and Simcenter 3D

We’re big fans of simulation video's in a show-don’t-tell kind of way. Would you like to start making video's too? Here's an easy to follow tutorial from our engineers.

Simcenter Femap

Step 1: Select your simulation results – with the rightmouse-button select multiset animate.

Step 2: Go to file – picture and save the file as an avi or gif.

Step 3: A video compression screen appears – select AVI – Microsoft video 1 – and press OK

Step 4: With F6 (view options) you can change the animated stype or frames delay (to make the animation go faster or slower). 

Don’t forget to post your video’s with the hashtag #simulationfriday on social media!

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Simcenter 3D

There’s a very nice feature in Simcenter 3D to record your simulation work.

Step 1: Select tools on the taskbar. Press record and choose a location to save your file. Now you can record any simulation actions or results you want.

Step 2: Select a location for your file. 

Step 3: Stop the recording.

Step 4: Change the recording settings (for compression, speed and smoothness) 

Want to know or learn more about Simcenter 3D?
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Need any help with making a video animation in Femap or Simcenter 3D? Please contact our support team! Share your video’s with the hashtag #simulationfriday on social media!

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April 26, 2018
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