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Femto Employee Profile: What’s it like to work in Sales Engineering?

Sander Quirijns

In this post we put the spotlight on Sander Quirijns, account manager at Femto Engineering, as part of our series to introduce people who help shape our company. Take a moment to read about Sander’s experiences and the projects he works on.

Full Name: Sander Quirijns
First Day at Femto: April 1st, 2020
Title: Account Manager

What is your role and how is working at Femto Engineering like?

Working at Femto Engineering feels like a warm blanket. The team is very knowledge-intensive and there’s a shared mindset to really move our clients forward with our services. Our areas of expertise are CAE Consultancy and Software. We are one-stop for customers with or without in-house FEA and CFD engineers. My role within Femto Engineering is to ensure that, with the right software, our clients can maintain their competitive edge and stay ahead in an increasingly complex and digital market.

What are some business implications of COVID-19?

When I started at Femto, the first lock-down came into effect. Meeting clients was quite challenging. The new circumstances made a clear case for digitalization tough, which comes with its own set of opportunities. We also started a webinar series to meet clients needs for personal development and to keep the conversation going about engineering skills and software.

What is your main take-home message for webinar participants?

Engineering departments are continuously developing. In order to facilitate that development and making sure the urge for innovation is present; engineers need to be facilitated with the best tools to work. Simulation driven designOur next webinar on Oct. 29th covers Simulation-Driven Design. This is a topic that represents innovation in our own company. We have to break the barriers between CAD and CAE to help our customers turn more ideas into successful products. We share our best practices. You’re invited to take a virtual seat!

Other projects you are working on worth mentioning?

On Oct. 27 and 28th we have a virtual booth at Offshore Energy 2020. If you are registered, come say hi to Femto via the matchmaking tool! In addition to being busy every day helping customers with our software, I also manage the communication between Femto and several dream teams of the TU Delft, like Project March, Delft Hyperloop and the TU Delft Solar Boat Team. The teams make use of the broad Siemens software portfolio and as a reseller we provide them with the additional support. It’s a privilege to work with these teams, they do an unbelievable amount of work within one year.

Why should CAE users look into Simcenter Software?

Nowadays, smart products are developed where mechanical functions are integrated with electronics and controls, new materials are used and more is possible in terms of production methods: great, but also challenging. Siemens’ Simcenter portfolio is built on the premise of digital twin technology, combining system simulation, 3D CAE and testing to predict product performance for all critical parts throughout their lifecycle under realistic conditions.

You have an engineering background, what is something sales and engineering can learn from one another?

Keeping each other on their toes and sometimes stepping out of the comfort zone to help the customer further is what should always be a common goal.

Who should we interview next in our company and what questions should we ask him/her?

Someone from our CFD team! CFD has the reputation to be hard, but our CFD team is really great in simplifying and explaining the material, at least to me, so it would be great to share this with the outside world as well.


Thanks Sander for this interview! We hope our readers enjoyed it. Don’t hesitate to contact Sander directly (sander@femto.nl) should you have any questions about your FEA/CFD project or software need. Follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter if you like to receive notifications of our posts.

October 26, 2020
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