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25 years Femto Engineering | the start

Femto Engineering exists 25 years in 2022 and that should be celebrated. We like to look back on the past 25 years by sharing some images from our archive, this time: the beginning of Femto Engineering.

On 1 April 1997, Tom Santegoeds, among others, signed up for the Technostart project at Delft University of Technology. This initiative of the TU was created to stimulate young entrepreneurs who had just graduated to start their own company. This is also how Femto Engineering came into being.

The beginning of Femto Engineering

The name Femto comes as a reference to ten to the power minus fifteen. As structural engineers they started out as one of the first companies to use the Technostart. At that time the focus was entirely on finite element analyses. One of the first projects done as Femto was a calculation for a soap and food manufacturer of how many ice trays you could stack on top of each other before the bottom one started to bend.

Tom Santegoeds (1997)

“We prefer people to come to us during the design phase. Our calculations can prevent errors in the contrstuctions. Companies can save money that way. In practice, things usually go differently. Companies only knock on our door when they have problems. Like a manufacturer who had a closet with a sagging door. We discovered the production fault and by adjusting the hinges we were able to solve the problem. The company could have saved a lot of money if they had come to us right away.”

The sequel of Femto Engineering

Within a year Femto Engineering had to be able to stand on its own feet with the help of professors, mentors and the municipality of Delft. At that time it was hard work and there was still much uncertainty. Now, 25 years later, we can say that it was a good step to establish Femto and the dream of being able to do large offshore projects has come true.

Over the years, we’ve grown to be a full service engineering company. Find out more though the links below.


Teaming up with Femto Engineering means you can count on engineers that think along, involve your employees and give solid and practical design assessments.

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Femto Engineering is Smart Expert Partner of Siemens Digital Industries Software. We’re expert users, here to help you to get the most out of the software.

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Training & Support

Femto can help you get the most out of your software with a lifetime of learning with professional training and support

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Through CAE research and openly sharing our knowledge and experience, Femto Engineering supports her clients to get the most out of FEA and CFD.

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January 28, 2022
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