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25 years Femto Engineering | first project

In this previous article, we've shown you our very first newsletter and explained a little bit about the first project Femto Engineering has worked on: the St. Jansbrug.

In honour of the 50th anniversary of St Jansbrug student association, a pedestrian bridge was built. The bridge is designed in such way that the railings take all the loads of the bridge and lead them to the foundation. It will be one of the few applications of a challenging supporting structure. The biggest challenge for the design team was to use materials as efficiently as possible. Femto Engineering has contributed to this.

Model and results

The model is constructed from beam elements. They are imposed on the sides. The calculations were not only to optimize the model but also to demonstrate that the bridge meets the strength requirements. The figure below shows the failure behaviour of the final bridge if too many people would stand on one side. Due to the asymmetrical nature of the load, it was necessary to model the entire bridge instead of half of it.

The results derrived by Femto Engineering met the requirements, which made it possible to get the bridge approved by the building inspection of Delft.

origin of assignment

Nostalgia was the basis for an almost impossible plan. A Sint Jansbridge for the Sint Jansbrug, just like when the society was founded. At the time, Sint Jansbrug was located in the Engelenbak, a hundred metres away from the current premises on the Oude Delft. Relocating the monumental bridge from 1773 was not an option. A new construction, however, was. The idea of building a new temporary bridge originated as a joke. Later, the plans became more concrete. The association proved enthusiastic, as did the Department of Public Works, which was prepared to cooperate. A team of designers was put together from Jansbrug members and eventually the final design was chosen unanimously. Read more about the origin of this assignment through this link (NL).

source: TU Delta

Recent placement

These days, the St Jansbrug bridge isn’t placed on the Oude Delft anymore but stands at Knus in Delft. Knus is a restaurant, located in the Delftse Hout surrounded with water and nature.


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March 28, 2022
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