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We’re excited to organize several live and online events for you covering features in Simcenter 3D , Simcenter Femap and Simcenter STAR-CCM+. But what’s interesting to you? What skills do you want to develop? What is affecting your work? Let us know and we build our (online) events around your input. Below are our suggestions, but feel free to add your own topics in the open field!

  • Topology optimization:
    What can topology optimization as a design process do for your products? Find out how it can benefit lightweight designs in 3D printable or mold materials.

    How to simulate composite products in a FEM environment to evaluate their structural integrity. Find out how Simcenter3D defines the individual layers and corresponding behavior in a 3D model.

    Rotor Dynamics:
    How to simulate centrifugal and gyroscopic effects on equipment rotating at high speeds? Find out how Simcenter 3D has a rotor dynamics environment to model for example turbomachinery and helicopter blades.
  • CFD - internal:
    How to predict how liquids (or air) will behave in a closed environment. Find out how influences like temperature, pressure and turbulence are taken in account.

    Moving Bodies:
    How to float one boat? Or maybe two? And how do they interact? Find out how free moving objects on a fluid surface can be simulated.

    Find out how STAR-CCM+ can help to discover the best possible mixing solution for multiple fluids and even multiphase events.
  • API / Tooling:
    Customisation can go horribly wrong, but when done right, more can be accomplished in less time with more precision. Let us help you familiarise with the Femap API.

    Do we appreciate Femap for it's meshing capabilities, or what? Looking forward to spread the word by sharing some of our work.

    Fatigue calculations:
    Femap has a wide range of features for performing Fatigue calculations and presenting analysis results. Find out how!
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November 2, 2020
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