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New engineers of the month

Brace yourselves, new engineers have arrived at Femto



As Femto continues to expand, we are thrilled to announce our decision to bring aboard additional engineers to strengthen our team.

This month, we would like to introduce you to three new additions. We invite you to get a glimpse into the lives of these three individuals, as they describe their journey at Femto, share how they arrived here, and reveal their future goals and dreams. We are confident that you will be just as excited about their contributions to our team as we are.

Who are we?

“Hi there! We are Jochem, Matthijs, and Milan. Through these stories, we hope you get to know our background better.”





Name: Matthijs Quist
First day at Femto: 01-09-2023
Title: Project Engineer

Matthijs began his journey with Femto on September 1st, stepping into the role of Project Engineer. Allow us to introduce him briefly!


Matthijs’ journey to Femto

“Hi, my name is Matthijs. I arrived at Femto a little over 6 months ago as an Intern for my graduation internship. I worked on a challenging assignment combining 1D simulations and CFD simulations. I worked on a topic that I had no prior knowledge on. That is probably on of the things I enjoy the most about working at Femto. Every project is different, and they do not stick to projects that they have experience in. This allows the engineers at Femto to do their own research and develop new skills and knowledge.

I am currently learning how to work with explicit FEM software. This is generally used to model extreme scenarios like crashes, where there are large deformations in a short period of time. This is very different from what I did during my graduation internship. I plan to keep developing myself as broadly as possible, until I figure out what expertise suits me best and Femto offers the perfect environment to do so.”




Name: Milan Sier
First day at Femto: 01-09-2023
Title: Project Engineer

Milan, our latest addition, joined the Femto team as of september 1 in the role of project engineer. Let’s get to know him better!


Milan’s journey to Femto

“My first interaction with Femto was a Seminar at our school, this was in my second year at Hogeschool Rotterdam at the Automotive Engineering bachelor course. During this seminar they explained what they do at Femto and what FEM is and how it can be used to analyze constructions. This seminar gave me a good impression of the field of work, and I always kept Femto in the back of my mind for future opportunities such as an internship or in my case a job opportunity. A few classmates of mine had performed their graduation thesis at Femto and they had positive things to say about their thesis’s and about Femto in general as an employer. All these positive messages about Femto inquired me to apply for a job at Femto , so after I graduated, I applied via an Email and after 2 conversations at Femto I was hired, and I’ve been working here for a month since then.

My background and skills with FEM have developed over the years during my time at the Hogeschool Rotterdam. During my graduation period I performed a thesis at the same kind of company Femto is. Before I started at Femto my experience was mainly pointed at linear elastic structural analyses performed in Simcenter Femap. I want to learn more about other kinds of analyses such as non-linear analyses using an explicit solver to be able to perform such analyses for future projects.”




Name: Jochem Timmers
First day at Femto: 18-09-2023
Title: Project Engineer

Jochem, our newest team member, embarked on his Femto journey on September 18th, taking on the role of Project Engineer!


Jochem’s journey to Femto

“During my third-year internship I studied the impact of the geometry of plastic sleepers into the track ballast. This internship took place at Femto where I had a very positive experience. So much so, that for my graduation internship I decided to contact Femto again. I had acquired an assignment from Carice Cars to analyse the chassis of the Carice TC2 and wanted to perform the assignment at Femto Engineering since all the required software and knowledge is present there.

This internship could also be concluded successfully after which I graduated as engineer from the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. I am happy to say I since got offered a job as project engineer at Femto , which I started earlier this month. My experience with FEM up to this point has mostly been while using Simcenter 3D. In addition to that, I would like to develop my skills in Simcenter Femap and HEEDS, the latter of which I used during my third-year internship.”

October 12, 2023
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