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Femap in maritime – part 2

How Femap helped Allseas engineers perform under pressure

About Allseas

Allseas is one of the major offshore companies that are active in offshore drilling and dredging, specialised in laying and installing offshore piping. These kinds of projects are often very time-critical and involve lot of safety issues. In this part of the Femap in maritime series we’ll share how Femap helped Allseas engineers overcome these challenges.

The case

Engineers have to constantly make repairs and changes on board the ship. Sometimes they have to come up with a solution in a matter of hours. This case is no exception. After sailing through some heavy seas, cracks started appearing in the Stinger of a ship. The Stinger is a large structure located on the bow of the ship that is used to position the heavy pipes vertically before they are moved to the seabed. This component was critical to continue the project; however it could not continue to operate in the state it was. Engineers had to quickly come up with a solution that would not only fix the Stinger, but would also satisfy the safety requirements. Their solution had to be send to Lloyd’s Register, the company’s insurer for approval. Which means it had to be right the first time.

How Femap helped

This was not a problem that could be fixed with just hand calculations. Time was of the essence, so engineers used Femap in order to come up with a solution.  They were able to import all the necessary data and do an analysis that satisfied the client. Within five days the repairs and final inspections were done and work could resume as normal.

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August 28, 2019
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