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Femap 11.4 Release & Training

As of now Femap has a new release! In this post, we give you a bit more insight into what you can expect. With the Femap 11.4 Update Training we provide further details on each of the new features.

Download available

It’s with great pleasure we inform you Femap 11.4 is ready to download from the GTAC support site (accessible with your webkey). The new version comes with several customer driven new capabilities and features which are focused on enabling maximum efficiency in FEA tasks.



Femap 11.4 enhancements include: automatic rigid element updates via the meshing toolbox; enhancements to charting, including support for complex data and on-the-fly transformations; a new data mapping algorithm which is up to 1000x faster for very large models; automatic geometry splitting at intersections; Draw Erase workflow improvements; Nastran solver support enhancements.

Femap 11.4 Update Training

After last year successful Femap 11.3 Update Training, this year we again offer you a quick and effective way to integrate all the new features in your Femap work. Spare yourself, don’t do all the research yourself. Let us show you the new capabilities, so you can focus on updating and increasing your skill level when you work with Femap 11.4!



  • We’ll show you how to auto scale around an object when using the show entity highlight.
  • You’ll learn how to automate geometry break curves at all intersections (previous this could only be done one at the time).
  • The meshing toolbox offers automatic RBE updates, we give you a demo and our best practices for meshing.
  • We’ll show how to save vectors and panes and how to save time by selecting the  5 previously used.
  • Explore the new high speed data mapping capabilities.
  • Femap 11.4, has some new design changes incorporated, we share with you what to look out for.
  • You’ll learn all of this and more. With our tips and tricks you’ll sure discover useful old and new software features.


Your investment
The investment of this training from our certified instructors is € 300,- per person, but should your company hold a current Femap maintenance agreement at our company, a special fees applies of € 250,- ex VAT.


For who?
This training is for structural/ FEM engineers, designers, and analysts aiming to get the most out of their daily Femap work.


Practical information
Sign up dates: July 5, July 20, August 17, September 7
Location: Femto Engineering, Delft, 13.00u – 17.00u


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June 8, 2017
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