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Docklock mooring system®

“Taking intelligent mooring to a new level”

Mampaey Offshore Industries B.V. is a leading supplier of Mooring, Berthing and Towing Systems. They take care of the safety and efficiency of the port and maritime and offshore industries. Femto Engineering has assisted Mampaey with the concept development and basic design of the revolutionary innovative Docklock magnetic auto-mooring system®.

Traditionally the mooring process is performed by means of lines and winches and is time and fuel consuming; it requires a specialized crew and the work can be dangerous. Docklock® satisfies a growing need for faster, safer and more sustainable means of mooring bunkering tankers alongside other vessels whilst intelligently adapting to complex dynamic events such as ship motions.


Docklock contains dual mooring arms with magnetic pads which are flexibly suspended to enable effective adaption and strong attachment to any hull, flat or undulating, cleanly painted or corroded. These pads can ‘walk’ along the hull to accommodate changes in levels whilst resisting wind- and current loads, guaranteeing the vessels to remain alongside, and still allowing for small fluctuating ship motions.

Femto Engineering performed FEM and CFD analyses to prove the functional and strength behavior of the design and simulate the wind loading conditions. The mooring system is currently fully functional. For more information, please visit Docklock Mampaey. If you are interested in our FEA & CFD services. Please get in touch!

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June 15, 2017
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